Ticketing & Travel Merchants


Globank serves ticketing & travel sectors with card and payment acquiring solutions.

Hotels, flights, events, concerts, conferences, festivals can all be approved for payment processing.
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Benefit from our premium service including:
  • – rapid onboarding and approval to get your business online ASAP.
  • – Major blue chip banks in our acquiring network
  • – API driven tech platform with reporting and control dashboard
  • – Low rates and rapid payout cycle
  • – Multi currency options for both acquiring and settlement
  • – VISA & Mastercard global processing.
  • – Alternative payment methods supported (bank transfers, ewallets, cash, vouchers etc) 


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Service-oriented businesses, like online ticketing merchants, that don’t get paid during a face-to-face transaction are usually considered a higher risk to banks and processors because there is a greater chance of fraud. Therefore, online ticketing merchants are more vulnerable to transaction disputes.

Fraud risk is always higher when the service or product is more expensive. High-charge amounts are much more attractive to those who commit fraud. Ticket fraud also is likely to happen a couple days before an event because that is when an event is in highest demand. Overnight and same-day ticket delivery puts merchants at higher risks of fraud.

Also, tickets bought at the last minute are often more likely to be bought with stolen credit cards. This happens because tickets are delivered electronically, giving illegal resellers to then immediately resell them.

Most importantly, friendly fraud is a problem in this industry. There are always plenty of customers who try to get something for nothing. It is not uncommon for a customer to contact a credit card company and claim that transaction was due to fraudulent activity. Customers also claim the tickets were never received or issued. This may not work in all cases, but it may beneficial to make it a practice of investigating these cases. Many public event venues, such as those that host sporting events, record entrances, seating, and common areas. Getting a hold of ticket barcode scan data, is one way to determine that a person disputing a purchase did receive a ticket. This type of evidence can go a long way in helping a merchant fight a chargeback.

We understand these issues and will help you polish your application and processes to ensure approval level is optimised.