High Risk Industries

What categorizes a merchant as high risk besides MCC codes? It is based on many factors such as :
product sold, company location, straight-sale/webshop or recurring, Card not present.
If risk of chargebacks is high, which for most acquirers means above 2% even though some merchants have very low disputes but still counts as high risk category.

There are three categories of risk with merchant accounts, low – medium – high.
But just because you are in the high risk category, it doesn’t mean you can’t obtain merchant accounts, it just means that your fees will be higher and most likely they will add a rolling reserve to your terms.

Which Industries are High Risk

Here you can see a few of the industries which are categorised as high risk and we support. This means that we can help you get processing with a high risk merchant account

  • HIGH RISK businesses:

    Adult Entertainment


    Retail services with trial/recurring

    Hosting (file storage)

    Health & Beauty products

    Poker Rooms / Sweepstakes / Lotto

    P2P lending



    Extractive industries

    Public procurement

    Precious metals


    Marketplace (buy / sell, auctions) 

    MLM (commodity selling basis)

    Giftcards, vouchers


    PROHIBITED RISK businesses:

    Unofficial charity

    Cryptocurrency mining

    Political organizations


    Prescription drugs

    Religious organizations


    Arms trade and defence

    MLM (attracting new members basis)

With the online processing business growing rapidly, most acquiring banks has to follow and will always update demands and requirement as well as review industries and checking MATCH. 

Why is my Business on the list

We will try to cover a few of the many business models on the list, just to give some clarity, but we can’t cover them all. The list is vast and it grows as Mastercard, VISA and the acquiring banks keeps updating and adding.

Dating & Adult – In the dating and adult industry there are many similar components which puts them in the High Risk category. One of many is that they are usually based on a recurring model, and another could be product is never as promised with many fake users/videos.  This means that they are prone to receiving chargebacks which then makes the Risk higher on the acquiring banks side. We understand your headache but we can help you find a solution

Cryptocurrency – Cryptocurrencies are known for wanting to be unregulated by governments and being their own. Existing since 2010 with the first and still biggest coin BitCoin, it has seen really strong times which escalated in December 2017 when BitCoin reached around $20,000 USD. It now seeing very troubling times and it causes people to worry. Also it has been known for a lot of scams, so these things makes for a high risk category.

Casinos – If you have ever been to Vegas, you know that the industry is full of light music and enjoyment, and glitter. Still casinos struggle to find payment processors and the primary reason is that governments in a lot of countries don’t approve of this business model. Casinos are also well-known for having fraudsters and unsatisfied people in their business. So many financial institutions want to focus solely on business’ which can improve profit in a higher instance and with less risk.

Nutraceutical – Medicinal products comes with high risk, as there are many unregulated products on the market. This puts them  under the high risk label, and there are even products that are banned. 

Recurring & Negative Option Billing – As mentioned on our blog with Mastercard making new rules for negative option billing, these methods are often used for “free trial” and/or putting you on a recurring subscription you don’t understand. So the risk for chargebacks is high and this makes for higher prices but with Globank you can find a merchant account to support this

Travel Agencies & Airlines – As the travel busines is very reliant on inernational factors, they are prone to get chargebacks. Can be cancellations, transfers being late or customers wanting money back. This means that most acquiring banks will say no or if they do say yes it will come with a rolling reserve at 10% – 20% and demand that packages are delivered within 2-3 months.

We hope that gave you a better overview of what the industries are and why you can have difficulties. We would love to get you going, so if you are in need or have question, feel free to contact us today.