Understanding High Risk

Here at GloBank we want to educate our users

Globank has made this overview to enable merchants to understand more angles of the processing game. Here you will be able to find reading on MATCH, chargebacks, refunds and much more. We strive to make the procedure of obtaining a merchant account as open and understandable as possible so you know what you’re getting into.


What is a chargeback? In simple terms, it's the reversal of a credit card payment that comes directly from the bank. If you're a merchant, chargebacks can be a frustrating threat to your livelihood. There are some universal best practices for avoiding chargebacks that are good general business advice as well: maintaining a high level of quality control on your products, providing excellent and proactive customer service, establishing clear terms and conditions of sale and communicating them clearly to all of your customers.


What is MATCH? MATCH stands for Member Alert To Control High-risk merchants. When an acquirer terminates a merchant file for certain reasons, they may submit that merchant’s information, to the MATCH list. Merchants in the MATCH list are considered extremely high risk and will have a difficult time opening new merchant accounts. For the most part, you can avoid the MATCH list by adhering to quality business practices. You want to focus on the things that are under your control as a merchant: maintaining compliance with standards and regulations, taking proactive steps to prevent and reduce fraud, and of course, doing everything you can to stop chargebacks from occurring and fighting them when they cannot be avoided.

Friendly Fraud

What is friendly fraud? In short, Friendly fraud occurs when a customer files a chargeback instead of trying to first obtain a refund from the merchant. Authorised cardholders dispute legitimate charges to their credit cards, pushing the bank to force a refund under the pretence that the merchant made an error.