Cryptocurrency Processing

Are you a crypto exchange, App developer, OTC trading desk or Crypto wallet?


We know the difficulties you can have in getting a stable, reliable, easy to work with card payment processor.

We wont tie you up in knots, submitting endless paperwork and proving everything 10 times over like other processors do.

We operate a very simple and efficient onboarding process, after which GloBank can usually get you approved and setup in a day or two.


The target areas we require due diligence are:


  • Is your dispute rate low ( 2% or more disputes is deemed excessive)
  • Are you offering services that are legal, which don’t infringe any national or regulatory laws in your country of operation.
  • Can GloBank identify you and be sure who we are dealing with – KYC on a proper entity / person for AML purposes.

If we can tick those boxes then you should be able to get setup right away.



If your dispute rate is high, then we need to implement 3D Secure as a mandatory step on the checkout process. This means that the cardholder cant dispute the payment based on the card being stolen or unauthorised because we have confirmation from his bank that it’s the genuine cardholder making the payment. For more information on this and guides to language, see our helpful Guides page



Apply today using the big red ‘ Apply Now’ button at the top, give us a few details about your needs and we will get back to you with a customised quote.



Once accepted, you can give our API document to your web developers and they will easily setup our payment gateway on your website.


If you require web and portal developments, GloBank has a team of developers capable of working on your own bespoke solution.